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Social media password hacker  is a service designed to recover lost or hacked accounts that have been taken over by your spouse, partner, enemy or anyone who wishes to harm you. We provide the most advanced hacking tools to discretely spy on your spouse and gain access to their personal emails and social media accounts. Social media password hacker

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We use snowflake pluggable transport to ease our job and ensure safety and discretion.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a pluggable transport that uses a combination of domain fronting and peer-to-peer WebRTC connections between clients and volunteers to circumvent Internet censorship. Snowflake, which is the spiritual successor to flashproxy, aims to lower the barrier for running anti-censorship proxies, resulting in a large pool of proxies for users to connect to. Instead of requiring a server with consistent up-time, Snowflake proxies run as an addon or extension in your browser. These proxies can move locations as users connect to different networks, providing a moving target that is more difficult to block. We currently have about 8 thousand available Snowflake proxies each day. When a user connects to Snowflake in order to circumvent censorship, they are matched with a currently available proxy. If this proxy “melts,” or disappears, the user will be seamlessly matched with a new proxy.Social media password hacker

To illustrate in the context of Tor, Snowflake allows anyone to leave a browser tab open to become an ephemeral Tor bridge. Much like the Flashproxy design, Snowflake involves a large network of highly ephemeral volunteer proxies, with the goal of outpacing the censor’s ability to block proxy IP addresses and providing a very easy to use, reliable, and hard-to-filter method of circumventing censorship. Previously, users faced difficulties in manually configuring port-forwarding, which limited adoption of older tools like Flashproxy. Snowflake addresses NAT traversal by making it automatic and not the user’s responsibility, among a number of new advantages.Social media password hacker

Of all of the pluggable transports that the Tor Project has released, I think snowflake is the easiest to detect. I’m not saying that the others were difficult to detect and filter. Rather, the other protocols (fte, obfs3, obfs4, meek, etc.) only had a few ways that they could be detected. Snowflake has literally dozens of trivial ways to detect it.Social media password hacker

For example, video chats rely on a protocol called STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT; network address translation). Basically, STUN identifies your external network address. This is needed to establish any kind of video chat when you use a firewall. Snowflake uses a hard-coded list of available STUN servers. The current list is:

When the snowflake client first starts up, it queries DNS for a randomly selected subset of these STUN servers. It looks for the hostname resolution using both IPv4 and IPv6 (DNS ‘A’ and ‘AAAA’ records). However, it doesn’t just look up the hostnames; it checks if the name is on the local network. Like most companies, my lab uses a private network behind the firewall and runs an internal DNS server. All computers on my private network use the domain name “internal.lan”. When I started snowflake, I immediately saw a set of DNS queries for the STUN servers. Social media password hacker

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