Where to Hire a Data Recovery Hacker

The only way we know of to genuinely Recover/delete information off any server or Internet regardless of where it goes would be to design it to self-delete if copied or engineer a tracker into the media itself so it can be isolated and controlled. To overcome this hurdle our team would have to crack your encryption determine what kinds of trackers are being used, develop new methods of circumventing that information sharing and finally reconfigure the code the media was built around to serve the purposes of the agency that intercepted it. IF your data is that important that a company will use those levels of resources to keep a copy of your media there are other things you can do, but the levels of engineering it would take to control public information is so vast not even companies with a vested interest of that control have figured out a way to do it when they don’t control all avenues of information sharing.

For now, the internet is still the wild west. Most of us don’t care that our information is out there and most of us prefer the public image that gives us (SSO, Password Managers, etc.) to remove something from that world would require resources 99.99999% don’t even know exist, and even fewer can use without a really good reason.

For practical purposes, it’s possible to make public information innocuous enough to effectively disappear from the internet, there are public and free pages out there on how to make a nuclear reactor, and how to make CBRN munitions that the government has tried very hard to remove and I can do a 30-second google search with the right keywords and still find them so they are illustrating exactly how hard it is, but to actually delete it requires a level of engineering very very few people possess. There is a non-zero chance that it can happen and I personally know of several things that have been put online that are no longer online in any measurable fashion.